Cosenza, threatens his ex-wife with death even in front of his minor daughter


By John

He stalks and mistreats his ex even in front of his minor daughter. The police of Cosenza executed a ban on approaching the offended party against a 31-year-old for mistreatment and stalking of his former live-in partner. The provision comes at the end of a complex investigative activity resulting from the complaint of the woman who turned to the police last October 30th.
In particular, the woman requested police intervention following a verbal attack and threats from her ex-partner even in the presence of her younger daughter. The woman declared to the police that she had suffered mistreatment, insults and threats not only after the end of the relationship, but also during their cohabitation which began in 2020. In particular, on one occasion, her partner allegedly threatened her with death by showing her a gun.
The woman, therefore, tired of this relationship, had decided to end their relationship. But her ex never accepted the end of her relationship, so much so that he started stalking her and threatening her in order to make her change her mind.
The provision issued highlights the commitment of the Prosecutor’s Office (led by the Chief Prosecutor Mario Spagnuolo) and the Police Headquarters (directed by the Police Commissioner Giuseppe Cannizzaro) in tackling the phenomenon of gender violence and the protection of vulnerable groups.