Cosenza violates Barbera: a gem from Canotto relaunches Caserta in Palermo


By John


Markers: 46′ st Canotto.
Palermo: Pigliacelli 6.5, Mateju 5.5, Lucioni 6.5, Ceccaroni 6, Aurelio 5.5 (1′ st Lund 6); Henderson 6 (22′ st Vasic 6), Stulac 6 (22′ st Gomes 6), Segre 6.5, Di Mariano 6 (31′ st Insigne sv), Brunori 5.5, Di Francesco 5.5 (36′ st Mancuso sv). All.: Corini.
Cosenza: Micai 6.5, Cimino 6.5 (25′ st Rispoli 6), Meroni 6.5 (8′ st Sgarbi 6.5), Venturi 6.5, D’Orazio 6, Marras 7 (40′ st Canotto 7.5), Zuccon 6.5 (24′ st Viviani 6 ), Calò 6.5, Mazzocchi 7, Tutino 6.5 (40′ st Voca sv), Forte 6.5. All.: Caserta.
Referee: Monaldi from Macerata 6.5.
Note: peaceful evening, pitch in good condition. Spectators 26,007. Booked: D’Orazio, Segre, Tutino and Canotto. Corners: 3-1. Recovery time: 4′, 8′.

Cosenza hits the big score early on the sixth day. Caserta’s rossoblù snatch the spoils from Corini’s Palermo. Caserta had warned his former team the day before. The Sila people have arrived in Sicily to recover the ground lost in recent weeks. The match, played openly by both, ended in the queue. It was Rossano who found the three-point shot Luigi Canotto. The former Reggina winger, who arrived on the last day of the transfer market, beat Pigliacelli with a remote-controlled shot under the intersection. A “Del Piero-style” goal, which allowed the Sila team to find their smile again before the midweek match against Cremonese. A joy, however, in which many fans from Cosenza were unable to participate, blocked by the fires that hit the province of Palermo in recent hours.