Cosenza wants to confirm itself in Venice. 360 fans ready to support the “Lupi” at Penzo


By John

In this afternoon’s match at the “Penzo” stadium, Cosenza will receive the boost of 359 fans, who will come to give courage to Fabio Caserta’s group against the battleship Venice. Facing each other will be two of the teams that impressed the most in the first round. Both are looking for confirmation. The lagoon players because they want to immediately acquire the role of great protagonist of the tournament, the rossoblùs to try to add clues to a general growth compared to the first part of last season. Courage and attitude are two of the aspects on which the attention of the coach from Melito Porto Salvo will be concentrated in the first away match of this year. The silanes have given a good image in the two matches played in front of their own fans but away they have to eliminate old and consolidated difficulties.

Previous. There are fourteen confrontations between the two teams in the Lagoon. Cosenza has established itself on three occasions but the balance smiles at the landlords, who emerged victorious on six occasions. Five draws. The most recent flicker is dated December 23, 2018. The decisive 1-0 was signed in that case by Tommaso D’Orazio, who was also on the pitch today. Rossoblù corsari also on 26 April 2003: 0-2 stamped by Oshadogan and Tedesco. The first silane blitz dates back to January 29, 1995. More than 28 years have passed since then. That time, the rossoblù conquered the “Penzo” with two goals from Marco Negri and one from Enrico Buonocore. Cerbone and Ambrosetti for the orange-greens. In the two most recent matches, as many Venetian victories: 2-0 on 11 December 2022 and 3-0 on 11 April 2021.

Training. Fabio Caserta will not disregard the 4-2-3-1 on which he has been working since the beginning of the summer retreat. The coach spoke about it in the press conference on Thursday morning, admitting that the possibility of switching to three in midfield is contemplated in his ideas but that at the moment we will continue on the line already drawn because it is with it that his Cosenza has reached a strong identity. Moreover, the tactical difference would be small and the principles almost unchanged. On the eve, the two main doubts of the coach from Reggio concern the rearguard and the battery of attacking midfielders behind Tutino.
In the defensive package, the unknown is represented by Meroni, who remained out with Ascoli. With him we are proceeding with caution but if he were to give guarantees, this afternoon he will be on the pitch and Fontanarosa would be on the bench. Conversely, still confidence in the young centre-back from Inter, paired with Venturi. On the right it will be Andrea Rispoli’s turn instead. With Voca’s return from disqualification, Caserta could decide to bet on him as they did against Sassuolo in the Italian Cup. The Kosovar would lend a hand to prevent Venice from thinking in the first 30 meters of the pitch. In this case, one of Arioli – author of the best goal of the week according to Lega B – and Mazzocchi could make room for him. Tutino will be the leader of the four deputies to worry the lagoon residents. There is no Mattia Viviani, disqualified for one day by the Lega Pro sports judge following the expulsion received during the friendly match between Benevento and Monterosi on 12 August.