Croce case in Messina, thumbs down from the city council: the procedure for forfeiture has been activated


By John

With 16 votes in favor and 15 against the city council decided to activate the procedures for the revocation of Maurizio Croce. A vote that arrived after a river debate lasting over two hours, centered on a whole series of interpretations on the incompatibility or ineligibility of the former candidate for mayor of Messina. The entire coalition linked to Mayor Basile and also the two councilors of the Democratic Party supported the vote Felice Calabrò and Antonella Russo.

The centre-right and also the councilor are against it Cettina Buonocore, who is in the group in favor of the mayor but who decided to vote against it in light of a series of events linked to the previous legislature, when the same decision was not taken on a situation that she considered similar. From now on, Maurizio Croce has 10 days to argue his counterarguments and therefore the Council has a further 10 days before putting to the vote the resolution with which the Forzista councilor could potentially lose his office. His resignation, however, would block this proceeding.