Crossing the Strait on a Wire, Today Jaan Roose Rehearses: “I’ll Listen to Music While I Walk”


By John

Today, Monday 8th July, the dress rehearsal. We’ll find out the rest as the hours pass and the weather conditions change. In the meantime, let’s start with what we know: from 9 to 12 John Roosethe Estonian tightrope walker protagonist of the Red Bull Messina Crossingthe crossing of the Strait on a ribbon stretched between the two pylons (Santa Trada and Torre Faro), will try by covering about 250 meters on the slackline starting from the Santa Trada pylon, on the Calabrian coast. The expected duration of the tests is about 2 hours. This was communicated by the Port Authority with the Coast Guard units that “will provide logistical support and assistance to the event, following the athlete on the East-West direction that connects the two pylons”. The Sirocco wind in recent days has prevented the Estonian from attempting the feat, but the next few days (until July 12) could be the right ones.

The event will be live on Channel 20 and streaming on and on the TgCom24 website. And the Estonian champion spoke to Sportmediaset. “I expected a lot of work and that’s what we’ve done in the last year – he commented – but I didn’t think so much and the biggest challenge is still missing. What I fear most: The wind. For now it’s good, there aren’t many changes from this point of view. So I can concentrate on the sun beating down and maybe a few clouds would help me, but I don’t have the strength to fight nature. During the I will listen to music during the crossing. I have a wide and varied playlist that gives me a bit of rhythm and energy, I focus mainly on electronic music. I found these two Italian artists that I really like (Giol√¨ & Assia, ed.), by the way they are Sicilian from Palermo. Usually we use a 2.5 cm ribbon and it would have been more comfortable to use that for me, but we chose a thinner one because it has less impact on the wind even if a few centimeters of width for me changes the cards on the table a bit”.