Crotone, end of the nightmare for Gianluca Muscatello: they found him while he was wandering in a confused state on the “106”


By John

Two days of anxiety, but then luckily the happy ending. The story of Gianluca Muscatello, a 42-year-old from Crotone, who left his home on the afternoon of November 7 last year ended in a positive manner., together with his two dogs, without notifying anyone. Her relatives, knowing her difficult emotional state, immediately notified the police. Adding to the fear of the worst was the fact that, unlike in the past, on this occasion the missing man had brought neither documents nor his mobile phone with him. The soldiers of the Crotone Company, having collected the report and the complaint presented at the offices of the local Police Headquarters, as part of the Provincial Plan for the search for missing persons, with the coordination of the Prefecture, searched the area inch by inch, assisted by the other police forces and the Crotone firefighters. Thus, this morning, in the Steccato di Cutro area, the staff of the Crotone Radiomobile Section tracked down Muscatello in a confused state, cold, while he was walking on the Strada Statale 106 “Ionica”, towards Catanzaro. The intervention of the 118 health workers was requested on site and they transported him to the Crotone hospital for the necessary health checks.

A story which has kept an entire community in suspense and which has put the family in great apprehension who, yesterday, had launched heartfelt appeals on social media, in local and national newspapers, relaunching the news also broadcast live on television during the program “Chi l’ha visto” broadcast on Rai3.

Moments of emotion were experienced when the news was given to the family members who expressed their gratitude to the active soldiers, who managed to successfully complete the searches. Once again, the operational collaboration in Crotone between the various law enforcement agencies proved decisive in the management of ordinary and extraordinary activities in the field of city security.