Crotone, goalless draw at “Scida” with Casertana


By John

Crotone – Casertana 0-0

CROTONE (4-4-2): D'Alterio 7; Leo 6 (31'st Rispoli 5), Battistini 5.5, Loiacono 5.5, Giron 6; Tribuzzi 5.5 (45'st Bruzzaniti sv), Zanellato 5.5, Vitale 5 (31'st Felippe 5), D'Ursi 5.5; Tumminello 5.5 (45'st Kostadinov sv), Gomez 5.5 (37'st Comi sv). All. Zauli 6

CASERTANA (4-2-3-1): Venturi 7.5; Calapai 6, Celiento 6, Bacchetti 6, Anastasio 5.5; Casoli 6, Damian 6; Carretta 6.5, Tavernelli 6.5 (28'st Taurino 6), Curcio 5.5 (32'st Deli 5.5); Montalto 5.5. All. Cangelosi 6

REFEREE: Mucera of Palermo 6

NOTE: observed 1' of contemplation in memory of Joe Barone, Fiorentina manager who passed away in recent days and Falchetti with a black ribbon on his arm as a sign of closeness to the player Mattia Matese for the loss of his mother. Booked: Anastasio, Bacchetti, Battistini Corners: 7-4. Recoveries: 1'pt, 4'st

Test passed halfway for Crotone who did not go beyond the 0-0 draw with Casertana. The team has certainly demonstrated that it is alive, true, the only question remains whether it can really think and aim for something different. After a balanced first half but without any great scoring opportunities, the result didn't break the deadlock even in the second half, only coming to life at the end: first it was Zanellato who hit the post squarely for the Calabrians, then it was Tumminello who found a super intervention from Venturi, finally Comi comes close to scoring with a header following a corner. With this point, Crotone remains ninth with 47 points, Casertana rises to 52 in sixth place.