Falcata area of ​​Messina, this is an eco-monster. Do we want to finally demolish it?


By John

The “dossier” is on the table of the extraordinary commissioner of the Strait Port System Authority, Admiral Antonio Ranieri. The old warehouse former Eurobunker will have to be demolished as soon as possible. There are all the conditions to intervene and wasting any more time would be absurd. Keeping that horrendous relic of the past (yes, a true eco-monster!), in the heart of the Falce, next to the Montorsoli Lantern, is “nonsense”, yet another self-harming gesture.
The coastal diesel deposit was built after the 1908 earthquake by the company “Exxon”, which would later become “Esso”. From 1972 it was managed by the Eurobunker company, specialized in the processing of products deriving from oil refining. Company that was declared bankrupt, with sentence dated 27 June 2018, by the second civil section of the Court of Messina. The dispute over that area, however, continued between the bankruptcy trustee and the Port Authority. In March 2020 the ruling of the Administrative Justice Council arrived, which rejected the appeal with which the bankruptcy trustee of “Eurobunker Srl” requested the reform of the ruling of the Regional Administrative Court of Catania. In 2016, the Administrative Court confirmed the validity of the documents issued at the time by the Port Authority, namely the denial of concession and the order to clear the areas.
In 2022 the former president of the Authority, Mario Mega, during the meeting of the Sea Partnership Body, announced the request presented to the bankruptcy trustee to proceed with the handover of the areas, after the environmental characterization interventions and the restoration of the state of the places. In the absence of positive responses, Mega confirmed that the System Authority would proceed with the restoration of the state of the places with the right of compensation on the bankruptcy trusteeship.
Another two years have passed and now everything is in the hands of the extraordinary commissioner. The intervention is particularly complex, because in addition to the demolition of the “bunker”, it will have to include a plan for the characterization of pollutants present in the soil and subsoil and environmental remediation (as foreseen in the rest of the Falcata area). But the commissioner, a man of the institutions, accustomed to acting concretely, is ready to have the work carried out, taking advantage of the curatorship of the “Eurobunker” company. Furthermore, always in the Scythe, in the next few days we will clear out the squatters who have returned to occupy one of the “caves” which is part of the monumental compendium of the Royal Citadel. The clearance must be carried out immediately, to give the professionals in charge the opportunity to carry out a reconnaissance of the areas, in order to complete the executive planning of the restoration of the Spanish fortress dating back to the 17th century.