Crotone, illicit storage and disposal of waste: flurry of complaints and seizures


By John

Vast operation by the State Police on the national territory to combat the illicit disposal of waste, to ascertain and sanction the multiple forms of illegality in the delicate sector of environmental protection.

More in detail, in the province of Crotone, targeted checks were carried out by the Flying Squad with the support of the Sisco of Catanzaro, the local PASI Division, the staff of the Port Authority of Crotone, the Traffic Police Section and the Local Police of Crotone .

Specifically in the provincial territory, in particular in the Municipality of Neto Fortressan inspection was carried out against a mechanical workshop and inspection center in which several were ascertained violations of the regulations regarding waste water discharge and therefore the owner was referred to the Judicial Authority and the waste water collection plant was subjected to criminal seizure.

Furthermore, during the inspection, an employee who was not regularly hired was also identified for whom a specific report was sent to the Labor Inspectorate.

During another inspection, again carried out on a body shop business, located in the municipality of Crotonethe same violations of the legislation relating to water discharges envisaged by the Consolidated Law on the Environment were ascertained and, therefore, the owner was handed over in a state of freedom to the Judicial Authority with the simultaneous seizure of an area adjacent to the commercial activity, transformed into a landfill of bodywork carcasses and industrial waste of various kinds.

Also in this case, 2 employees who were not regularly hired were identified for whom a specific report was sent to the Labor Inspectorate.

During the checks they were i9 subjects were identified and invitation cards were also issued to the owners of commercial activities for the subsequent conformity assessments of the administrative documentationa, which could be followed in the next few days by the imposition of administrative sanctions.

The activity is part of the constant prevention and monitoring action conducted by the State Police, in a sector that for decades has represented a source of huge, illicit profit also for criminal organizations, in order to put a stop to the expansion of so-called environmental crimes which damage the territory and constantly put the health of citizens at risk.