Crotone, mayor Voce meets the farmers of Papanice: commitment to solving the problems of the sector


By John

This morning, a meeting with local farmers took place at the Papanice Delegation, in the presence of the mayor Vicnenzo Voce, of the Government Official Antonio Megna and the councilor for Productive Activities Maria Bruni. The meeting, requested by a large delegation of local agricultural companies, focused on various problems in the agricultural world which require an initial commitment on the part of the municipal administration. The mayor, the councilor and the Government Official responded to the questions that were asked, guaranteeing the maximum commitment on the part of the Administration to trace a path that can lead to resolution of some problems such as the recognition of the state of natural disaster due to drought and the start of the process for the recognition of the disadvantaged area. The discussion then continued by retracing the various actions that the mayor, since the appointment of the Government Official, wanted to implement for the redevelopment of the neighborhood, reassuring everyone and specifying that the administration’s attention on Papanice is maximum and aims to improve the quality of services for citizens. The meeting ended with the commitment to update based on the various steps that will be addressed.