Crotone scores the hat trick: Catania asphalted with Giron, Gomez and Vinicius


By John

33’pt Giron, 23’st Gomez, 40’st Vinicius.
CROTONE (3-5-2): Dini 7; Papini 6.5, Gigliotti 6.5, Loiacono 6; Tribuzzi 6.5, Petriccione 7 (39’st Pannitteri sv), Vinicius 7, D’Ursi 6(35’st Bruzzaniti sv), Giron 7; Gomez 7, Vuthaj 5(20’st Vitale 6.5). All. Zauli 7.
CATANIA (3-5-2): Bethers 5.5; Curado 6, Lorenzini 5.5 (28’st Cicerelli 5.5), Castellini 5.5; Rapisarda 5.5, Zammarini 6, Quaini 5.5 (21’st Welbeck 5.5), Zanellato 6 (21’st Dubickas 5.5), Celli 6; Chiricò 5.5, Costantino 5.5 (21’st Di Carmine 5.5). All: Lucarelli 5.5.
REFEREE: De Angeli of Milan 6.5.
NOTE: 755 tickets grossing 4,175.00; Subscribers 3,341 with an accrual of 10,710.69. Total titles 4,096 collections 14,885.69. Booked: Vuthaj, Papini, Dini, Zanellato, Quaini, D’Ursi. Angles: 6-7. Recovery: 1’pt, 7’st.

With a clear 3-0, Crotone beat Catania and moved to 35 points, sixth place in the standings. The match breaks the deadlock after 33′ thanks to Giron’s fireball which hits the net behind Bethers. In the second half the Sharks doubled their lead in the 23rd minute thanks to Petriccione’s splendid strike for Gomez who scored his ninth goal of the season. In the 40th minute Vinicius also put his stamp on a clear and important victory because it was obtained against one of the direct competitors for promotion.