Crotone, the majority deserts the meeting. The city council is still postponed


By John

For the second time in a row, and in less than a month, the Crotone City Council has postponed its second meeting. Even yesterday afternoon, when the municipal secretary Andrea La Rocca made the appeal, he was able to note that only eight councilors were present in the chamber. In addition to the president of the assembly Mario Megna there were also the opposition councilors Carmen Giancotti, Marisa Luana Cavallo, Danilo Arcuri, Andrea Tesoriere, Anna Cantafora, Enrico Pedace and Dalila Venneri date now acquired among the opponents. «It’s business as usual – was Pedace’s comment – ​​once again we see the lack of seriousness of this majority. As far as I’m concerned, I was present in the courtroom as is my duty and as I have always done. But it is clear that the majority’s choice is precise, to vote tomorrow with a smaller number of councillors.”
Among the thorny issues that would have had to be addressed was the consolidated balance sheet: «My doubts – these are again the words of Pedace, councilor of the Consenso group – cannot help but concern the debt situations of Akrea and Congesi. We’ll see what they have to say in Wednesday’s postponement.” According to Pedace, the most serious thing is not so much the postponement of the session, but the fact that the colleagues who support Mayor Voce had already made the decision a few days ago not to appear as a group on the established date, at least according to what was rumored in the corridors of Resistance Square. For the majority, the fact of going to the second call seems to have become a normal practice, nothing scandalous that could hide political or other issues.