Cuffaro on Lombardo: “Yes we met and I gave him my red wine”


By John

«I read the fantasy this morning story of my meeting with Raffaele Lombardo. The only truth is that we met, that we talked about politics as two people can do who have lived through difficult and suffering experiences, not beautiful ones, and who no longer have any desire to run for office, and I brought him my red wine “Euno”, the slave of Sicily who rebelled against the Romans and led the first servile war in 132 BC, the first revolt of the slaves who in Sicily, before any other part of the world, think and ask to be men and not . An extraordinary page of history, Euno is a martyr for freedom. Everything else in the article is imaginative and politely invented.” The national secretary of the Christian Democracy, Totò Cuffaro, says so. “

With Raffaele Lombardo we have not divided the healthcare companies, moreover the same article claims that I am for the draw, we have not made any agreement on the sub-commissioners of the waste-to-energy plants, and even less have we agreed on the presidents of the provinces. – he adds – Lombardo has always maintained, like me, that he no longer wants to run, and Silvio Cuffaro has no interest in being president of the province of Agrigento »