Cultural heritage, most expensive tickets from New Year’s Eve in Sicily


By John

For five more days visit the Valley of the Temples and the Ancient Theater of Taormina it will only cost 10 euros. Then, from January 1st, the ticket price will increase to 14 euros. And even for the Villa Romana del Casale, 10 euros will no longer be enough, four more will be needed. While for the Abatellis gallery in Palermo will go from 8 to 10 euros.
These are generalized increases of 30% which will come into force for all Sicilian sites and museums as a result of a decree that the Councilor for Cultural Heritage, the Melonian Francesco Scarpinato, signed on Christmas Eve.
It is a maneuver that reaches the finish line after months of friction in the government. Scarpinato had signed a first decree on October 11th introducing the increases. But the councilor had not informed the president of the Region, who in turn had been met with protests from tour operators and consumer associations.
In particular, the former had complained about the fact that for months they had purchased, at the old prices, thousands of tickets to be used in 2024. It is the classic operation that serves to create tourist packages to then sell for the following season. Scarpinato’s decree would have forced tour operators to review the prices of these packages and even ask for additions for those already sold.
For this reason, President Schifani first requested and obtained the suspension of the first decree. And then given directives to the councilor to mitigate the effect of the increases on the next tourist season. In truth, Schifani had suggested to the councilor that the increases come into force in the spring. But Scarpinato kept his original prediction, so the most expensive tickets will be on sale as early as Monday.
However, there is a mediation that meets the requests formulated by Schifani. The decree signed by Scarpinato provides for a sort of moratorium for those who have already purchased tickets or will do so in the next five days: «The rates for tour operators who have purchased or are purchasing tickets no later than December 31st for the own annual planning”.
It is a clause that sources close to Schifani believe is sufficient to respect the inputs given in recent weeks by the governor. However, it must be said, even yesterday he had not been informed of the signing of the new provision by Scarpinato.
The councilor basically confirmed in full the prices (and therefore the increases) already expected in mid-October. The provision is supported by an opinion from the Ticket Committee, which was formed last spring and which had already formulated the first version of the new price list.
According to Scarpinato “even if we foresee an average increase of 30%, the rates for access to places of culture would still remain below the rates charged at national sites comparable by type”. In summary, according to the Councilor for Cultural Heritage, the Region is forecasting lower increases than those that would be natural to introduce on the basis of national trends.
So far the premises of the provision. But how much are the increases worth? As mentioned, the Valley of the Temples costs 10 euros today and will cost 14 from next week. Again in Agrigento for the Archaeological museum it will go from 8 to 10 euros and for the Pirandello from 4 to 6. The archaeological area of ​​Eraclea Minoa will cost 6 euros instead of the current 4.
In the Ennese area, the Roman villa del Casale will cost 14 euros instead of 10 from Monday. For the archaeological area of ​​Morgantina you will spend 6 euros instead of 4 and for the Aidone museum (where the Venus is located) another 8 euros instead of 6.
In Palermo, Abatellis aside, visiting San Giovanni degli Eremiti will cost 8 euros instead of 6. And the same increase is expected for the cloister of Monreale. Also for the Zisa Castle and the Salinas museum you will spend 8 euros instead of 6. The ticket for the Palazzo D’Aumale museum in Terrasini will also go from 6 to 8 euros.
In the capital, even sites that have always been free (and will be until Sunday) end up paying for: for the Palazzina Cinese you will spend 4 euros and the same amount for the Villino Florio and for the archaeological excavations of Monte Iato. For the Castello a Mare the entrance ticket will go from 2 to 4 euros.
To enter the Messina museum you will pay 10 euros instead of the current 8. For the archaeological area of ​​Tindari 8 instead of the usual 6. The Ancient Theater of Taormina, as mentioned, will cost 14 euros instead of 10.
In Syracuse for the Bellomo gallery 10 euros will be spent instead of 8. For the Maniace Castle 6 instead of 4. The Paolo Orsi museum is the only one in Sicily that will not undergo increases and therefore will still be open to visitors for 10 euros. While the area that includes Neapolis, the Greek theater and the Ear of Dionysus will cost just 50 cents more: from 13.5 to 14 euros.
The greatest increase is instead expected for jewels from the Trapani area. The Baglio Anselmi museum in Marsala will go from 4 to 10 euros. The archaeological park of Segesta will cost 14 euros instead of 6 and the same increase is set for the archaeological park of Selinunte. The Dancing Satyr museum of Mazara goes from 6 to 8 euros.