Dafne Musolino’s motivation: “I couldn’t impact as much as I wanted”


By John

Senator Dafne Musolino explains the reason for the sensational transition from the autonomy group to Italia Viva. He looks at a project for a more structured center and also explains the reason for the break with Cateno De Luca. “It is a natural evolution of the political path that had reached a point where I was not able to have as much impact as I would have liked. I had now developed the feeling of being in a glass bubble in which, despite expending strength and putting all my effort into it, I could not have an impact either at a local or national level. The strong sense of institutions motivated me to make this choice to honor the position I hold. The time has come to make a contribution to the birth of a new political entity, The Centre, which will represent the point of aggregation of those moderates who do not recognize themselves in the polarization that currently exists in our parliament. I thank Cateno De Luca for his trust and wish him all the best in his political projects.