Dasà will have a new general practitioner in just six months


By John

Record times in Dasà for the new general practitioner: doctor Francesco Naccari, originally from Zaccanopoli, who should take up service in a month and will be in town on Monday to meet the mayor and make arrangements for the new practice. He will replace Dr. Caterina Scarmozzino, who has been retiring since November 1st. About 6 months in total. A record, in fact, compared to what we are used to from previous cases, in which the process even exceeded a year. Satisfaction on the part of the mayor, Raffaele Scaturchio, who committed himself to the rapid carrying out of the procedure, managing to obtain a stopgap solution: the sending, as a replacement until the definitive appointment, of the medical doctor Tiziana Amodeo who, in exceptionally, since last December it has guaranteed basic healthcare services to citizens without it. This is also due to the fact that doctors Vincenzo Grenci (operating in Acquaro) and Grazio Pagano (operating in Arena), the closest to the area to be addressed, had reached the maximum number of patients.

Close to reaching, in reality, there would also be the doctor Giacobbe Bartone, who has been in Acquaro for some years, who, however, despite the national Mmg agreement, the various regulations that require him to be present in the town for at least 5 days a week, protests from clients, reports to the competent health bodies and the police, he doesn't want to do more than two days a week. And no one in the know has ever lifted a finger so far. Now, however, a new situation arises. Doctor Grenci, in fact, seems to have obtained the transfer to Serra, his municipality of residence, so that another doctor will be missing in the area, with the consequent process of declaring a deficient area and appointing a replacement. To say the least, at least 1500 patients will be deprived of their GP. Many elderly people. Who will take care of their care? There is already excitement among the patients!