Minister Santanchè investigated for false accounting: the line of investigation into the collapse of Visibilia has been closed


By John

The Milan Public Prosecutor's Office has closed, in view of the request for trial, the line of investigation into the collapse of Visibilia in which Daniela Santanchè is among the suspects. To the Minister of Tourism, president of Visibilia Editore until January 2022, prosecutors Marina Gravina and Luigi Luzi with the deputy Laura Pedio contest the false accounting.

In recent weeks, the tranche of investigation was defined, again conducted by the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Gdf, in which the FdI senator is instead accused of aggravated fraud on the INPS for the management of the redundancy fund during the Covid period.

Visibilia Editore, among other things, ended up under judicial administration on March 1st following the order of the Civil Court of Milan and after the lawsuit brought by a group of small shareholders. The civil judges spoke of a spa, now in negotiated composition of the crisis, “listed” and which is no longer standing financially, with “irregularities” and a “potential pollution” in the balance sheets, without any employees anymore and with a company formally external, of which the majority shareholder is Daniela Santanchè, i.e. Visibilia Concessionaria, who “continues to manage the administration and treasury”, making “choices also regarding payments” to creditors.

The financial statements as at 31 December 2022 and the half-yearly report as at 30 June 2023 “are not correctly” prepared, it was reported in the inspection. “The goodwill – we read – should have been completely written down”, as the deputy Laura Pedio and the prosecutor Marina Gravina have always maintained. On the front of the alleged scam, a chapter closed a couple of weeks ago, the prosecutors have ascertained, also through the testimonies of the workers, that in that period, from “31 May 2020 to 28 February 2022”, Visibilia Editore e Concessionaria, i.e. Santanchè and his partner Dimitri Kunz made the decisions. Both, together with Paolo Concordia, an “external collaborator”, would have been aware of having “unduly” requested and obtained the redundancy fund in derogation “to support businesses affected by the effects” of the Covid pandemic.

The minister has always rejected all the contested accusations. In the meantime, to also define the last strand of the “Visibilia package”, with an order for exhibition, the banking documentation relating to the money flows relating to the sale of the villa in Forte dei Marmi owned by Francesco has already been collected in recent weeks Alberoni purchased, when the sociologist was still alive, by Kunz and Laura De Cicco, wife of the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, for 2 million and 450 thousand euros. Villa that the two resold within an hour to their entrepreneur friend Antonio Rapisarda for 3 million and 450 thousand euros.

Santanchè: “I have nothing to declare”

“I have nothing to declare”. This is how Minister Daniela Santanchè responded to journalists who, in Syracuse, on the sidelines of the States General of Cinema, asked her for a comment on the new judicial developments of the Visibilia case in Milan, with the closure of the investigations ordered by the Prosecutor's Office.