Dasà, with “Dasòs Eliès” the experiential tourism opportunities continue


By John

New appointment with experiential tourism in Dasà, where tomorrow 31 Italian-Australian tourists will be guests in search of their roots. They live in the capital Canberra and are on tour between Italy and France. in our region they have visited or will visit Altomonte, Morano, Civita, San Marco Argentano, Pizzo, Tropea, Reggio, Scilla and Chianalea. In the midst of these more renowned and high-sounding tourist centers there is also Dasà, where Australians will be welcomed by the “Dasòs Eliès” association, whose members will teach them how to make homemade bread (pitta in particular).

The beneficial effects of the brilliant idea conceived by. therefore continue Eva Santaguidaoriginally from the placeand her husband Harper. The two live in America, where they have opened a YouTube channel, “Pasta Grammar”, in which, in a playful way, they perform recipes from our best culinary tradition. They have 282 thousand followers who at a certain point decided to bring groups to the places where those recipes originate: Dasà and surrounding areas. The success, participation and results are tangible: they bought a house and made some Americans buy it too and they also keep the economy going through spending on culinary products at local merchants.

On Monday the association hosted another 4 Americans, who were taught to make macaroni, which they then, obviously, ate, along with other delicacies, but not before visiting some characteristic sites. In recent days, however, the American Star Trek actor was in town for a week Robert Picardowho stayed on the farm together to his wife Elisabeth and cousin Richard Laurenzi, internationally renowned artist, well-known sculptor and film and theater screenwriter. They too visit characteristic sites, sing and dance, participate in Dasaesi traditions, prepare appetizing foods (pasta, pitta, cheese, pizza) and, needless to say, eat them.

They left yesterday but they left a piece of their heart in Dasà, struck by the warm welcome and manners of those who gave it to them. Had it not been for “Dasòs Elies”, but, above all, for the “lucid madness” of Eva and Herper all this would not have been possible. Proof of this is also the fact that as far as the Australians of tomorrow are concerned, they barely hit the mark, having only acted as an intermediary to bring them. The overseas tourists, in fact, are part of a group organized by a couple of Australians, Giuseppina Gagliardi, of Calabrian origins, and her husband Cristophe Gregoire, world-renowned chefs of French origins, who run “Le tres bon” in Canberra, a restaurant, cooking school and literary salon, and periodically organize these tours. Tomorrow they will land in the Vibo hinterland, where the “Dasòs Eliès” association will be able to host and pamper them with the same impeccable organization and the same winning formula. And who knows, maybe some of them might decide to buy a house and come to live there. It would be further proof that the one developed is truly a magical and winning formula for centers that still have so much to offer.