Calabria, Occhiuto rejects re-nomination: “Calabria is a difficult land. The ‘Ndrangheta? It’s disgusting, but it can’t be an alibi for staying put.”


By John

«We have the ‘ndrangheta, it’s true, and it disgusts us, but this cancer cannot become an alibi for doing nothing. Often the ‘Ndrangheta is the alibi of the incompetent.
I am proud because we are making the regional government’s action transparent, to counter any infiltration of criminal powers that have killed the future of Calabria for so many years.” The President of the Region said it, Roberto Occhiutospeaking at the initiative promoted in Rende by Fratelli d’Italia on the theme “Winning Italy, a year of results”.
«In these two years – he added – we are demonstrating that Calabria is a Region that can be governed, and we are describing our territory in a different way at a national level. We are a Region with many problems, we are aware of this, but we must show the national community our excellence, our great opportunities. And we are doing this by always communicating in a positive way with the governments that have been in place in these two years, making us respect ourselves, without going, as happened until a few years ago, to feel sorry for ourselves with our hat in our hand”.

Difficult renomination

«First Fausto Orsomarso and Wanda Ferro said: ‘we will govern with Occhiuto for 10 years’. I thank them from the bottom of my heart, I don’t know if I will have the strength to run again in three years, because being governor in a land like ours is a really tough job. But I can make a promise: I will hand over to the Calabrian centre-right a region that can be governed twice in a row by the same coalition, something that has never happened in Calabria.”

The reforms

«We are the most reforming government that Calabria has ever had», he adds. «We are rebuilding the Region from the foundations. We have reformed the reclamation consortia, the water and waste reform, the civil protection reform, the labor reform, the purification reform, we are reforming healthcare, and we are doing many, many other things.”