Dear school voucher in Calabria, the notice of 16 million euros has been published


By John

“The Calabria Region, with executive decree n. 999 of 29 January 2024, approved the public notice relating to the granting of regional scholarships amounting to 500 euros, called “Caro Scuola Voucher” and relating to the 2022-2023 school year.

The vice president with responsibility for the branch communicates this to the schools, through the regional school office, Giusi Princi, recalling the note already sent by the sector manager Anna Perani.

“There are 16 million euros for two separate windows – explains the vice president -, of which 8 million for the first which, with President Occhiuto and the whole council, we wanted to allocate to deal with the ‘expensive school’, in order to protect and safeguard the right to study of Calabrian students also by guaranteeing them concrete economic support for the expenses that families incurred at the beginning of the school year, thus allowing them to cover the costs of purchasing school materials, supports digital, for school transport costs and access to cultural services. In fact, it is a concrete support to guarantee the school attendance of students belonging to low and medium income families. Therefore – Princi also specifies – recipients of the scholarship are male and female students who regularly attended classes in a secondary school in the Calabria Region in the 2022-2023 school year and who belong to families with an ISEE indicator. not exceeding €15,748.78.

It is specified that in this first window, first class students are excluded as they have not completed attendance at a second level institution in the year 2022-2023.

It is anticipated, however, that a new window will be opened in June which will include first year students who, in the meantime, have completed the attendance requirement.

Requests to access the bonus must be forwarded by the parent or directly by the students, provided they are adults, from 09:00 on 12 February 2024 to 23:59 on 22 March 2024 via the dedicated regional platform which can be reached at the following link https:/ / following the instructions contained in the operational guide attached to the notice.

In order to guarantee this opportunity to a greater number of students, promptly responding to the economic needs of the many Calabrian families, Vice President Princi invites the managers “to want to give maximum diffusion to the initiative within the school communities, supporting, if necessary, the parents interested in submitting the application on the platform, with the same availability with which you have always accompanied families. For any need – informs Princi – the regional education department, chaired by director Maria Francesca Gatto, is available to support the initiative, also through specific accompanying webinars which will be held by the Perani manager”.