Deaths at work, change the points-based license for construction sites: self-certification arrives


By John

Self-certified requirements, reduced reductions for accidents resulting in incapacity, possibility of additional credits in addition to the initial score and extension to other sectors in addition to construction. The points-based license for construction sites has changed, the solution thought up by the government after the Esselunga tragedy in Florence to stem the number of deaths at work. But the changes, which saw the light after another tragedy, that of the Suviana power plant, were rejected by the opposition and trade unions, who took to the streets just yesterday to shout enough about the too many unrelated deaths: this – they warn – is not the solution to strengthen safety at work.

The innovations are contained in an amendment to the Pnrr decree approved by the Budget Committee of the Chamber, which closed the examination of the measure, expected in the Chamber on Monday. The amendment rewrites article 29 of the decree, introducing a series of innovations forr the driving license which will be mandatory from October 1st. First of all, it is expected that self-certification will be sufficient to demonstrate possession of the requirements for issuing a driving licence: any untruthful declaration, which leads to the revocation of the licence, will be verified with ex post checks. The designation of the Prevention and Protection Service Manager is also added to the requirements (from registration with the chamber of commerce to possession of contributory and fiscal regularity documents). The initial endowment of the license remains 30 credits and you must have at least 15 to be able to operate on construction sites. But if the works carried out exceed 30% of the contract value, the contract or subcontract in progress will still be able to be completed even with less than 15 points. There is also the possibility of additional credits compared to the initial score: a decree from the Ministry of Labor, after consulting the National Labor Inspectorate, will identify the criteria for assigning the additional points, as well as the methods for recovering the deducted credits.

However, the possibility of reinstating them by attending specific training courses disappears. SThe reference is also made to a subsequent ministerial decree for the identification of other areas of activity, beyond construction, to which the license may be extended. The sanctions for construction sites without a license will also change: the fine, initially from 6 thousand to 12 thousand euros, will be equal to 10% of the value of the works, in any case not less than 6 thousand euros. Finally, the table with the reductions for the various violations is modified, corrected by the Ministry of Labor after the opposition had denounced excessive reductions in certain serious cases: for the accident that leads to temporary absolute incapacity with abstention beyond 60 days, 5 points are deducted (from the 10 initially foreseen), 8 in case of permanent incapacity for partial work (there were 15, which remain so in case of absolute permanent incapacity). The opposition was disappointed, voting against it in the commission and criticizing the government's choice to postpone everything to a ministerial decree. “Our opinion is negative,” says the Democratic Party. “Even as it has been rewritten, the driving license remains, in our opinion, a seriously insufficient tool”, maintains the M5s. For Avs “this is not the solution”. Not even enough for the CGIL, which is calling for the license to now be extended “to all sectors and all companies, including large ones”. The CISL is also pressing, recalling that the measure arises from its own proposal.