Derby fever, it is forbidden to sell alcohol inside the stadium on the day of Cosenza-Catanzaro


By John

Upon express indication of the Cosenza Police Headquarters, consistently with the provisions dictated by the National Observatory on sporting events and in due respect of the requirements indicated in the last meeting by the GOS (Security Operational Group), during which it was requested to limit the consumption of alcohol for the football match Cosenza-Catanzaroscheduled for Sunday at 4.15 pm, a specific union ordinance has been issued prohibiting, from 12.00 to 19.00, on Sunday 3 March, to all types of commercial establishments present inside the San Vito-Gigi Marulla stadium, to administer and/or sell, for any reason, alcoholic beverages, so just as anyone is prohibited from possessing or consuming it. The provision was deemed necessary by the GOS also due to the expected considerable influx of spectators and fans to the Stadium which constitutes a cause for concern for the maintenance of public order. The ordinance was sent as usual, for the purposes of preparing the tools deemed necessary for its implementation, to the Prefect, to the Cosenza Police Headquarters, to the Provincial Headquarters of the Carabinieri and the Financial Police, to the Headquarters of the Provincial Police and to that of the Police Municipal.