Mattarella to Piantedosi: “With the kids the truncheons express a failure”. Student network: “Let's take to the streets”


By John

“The President of the Republic pointed out to the Minister of the Interior, and found agreement, that the authority of the Police Force is not measured by truncheons but by its ability to ensure safety while protecting, at the same time, the freedom to express opinions publicly. With boys, truncheons express failure.”

We read it in a press note from the Quirinale.

Student network: “We take to the streets against truncheons”

Tomorrow, Sunday 25 February at 6.30 pm in Piazza Beniamino Gigli (in front of the Opera House), the Network of Middle School Students of Lazio has called a mobilization after the events in Pisa, Florence and Catania which involved male and female students. The Network of Middle School Students of Lazio therefore launches an appeal for mobilization «against the beatings and the management of Piantedosi. For a democratic state that respects the right to demonstrate.” “For too long we have been forced to condemn police charges during peaceful demonstrations by students. Without any responsibility on the part of Minister Piantedosi – says Tullia Nargiso, coordinator of the Network of Middle School Students of Lazio – We cannot afford a state that responds to messages of peace with violence, which beats boys and girls, including many minors. We cannot afford a state that censors us, that prevents us from expressing our dissent. For this reason we launch an appeal to students, to workers, to everyone. Mobilize with us, because only together will we be able to demonstrate that they cannot stop us.”

The words of the police chief

«The decisions that are adopted at local level on public order services are not determined by political choices. The State Police is the police of a democratic country and we have the duty to guarantee the expression of dissent first and foremost.” Thus the police chief Vittorio Pisani on Tg1.