Differentiated autonomy: the Flc Cgil Caravan arrives in Calabria


By John

The Flc Cgil Caravan arrives in Calabria from 10 to 16 April. The union that protects the rights of knowledge workers (school, university, research, training, Afam) is traveling far and wide across the country with the slogan “Same country, same rights” with the aim of raising awareness and starting a discussion on differentiated autonomy, the salary question in the public and private sectors of knowledge starting from contract renewals, precariousness and the quality of work, privatization and the defunding of schools, universities, research and Afam.

“It's about – explains the general secretary Flc Cgil Calabria Mimmo Denaro – of an important appointment, an opportunity to counter a dangerous project, especially for our region. The approval of the Calderoli bill is a true secessionist plan that would cause serious consequences, with a differentiated autonomy which, in fact, would fragment the public education system, which for us must be unique and equal throughout the national territory. The consequences would be serious and irreversible with an increase in the gap between North and South on policies of strategic importance for growth and development: environment, infrastructure, energy and, above all, schools, with the real risk of regionalization which would make the right unequal. at the studio”.

“We have received various support as well as the testimonies that we will collect along the way, demonstrating that the battle against the dangers of this wicked project concerns us all”.


On Wednesday 10 April the camper will arrive in Trebisacce where it will stop in via Lutri from 9.30 am and then move to Corigliano Rossano at 11.30 am in piazza Salotto where it will meet the mayor of the city Flavio Stasi. At 3pm the caravan will arrive in Castrovillari in Piazza Municipio where it will speak with the mayor Domenico Lo Polito.

On Thursday 11 April the caravan will begin its tour from Cosenza where from 9.30 it will stop in Piazza XI Settembre with initiatives on health and safety at work. At 3.30pm the vehicle will reach the University of Calabria.

Friday 12 April will start from Piazza Prefettura in Catanzaro where the camper will stop from 9.30 to 10.30 to meet the mayor Nicola Fiorita and a delegation of staff from the city schools. At 12 the caravan will arrive in Crotone where in Piazza della Resistenza it will meet the mayor Vincenzo Voce and a representation of the city's school staff. In the afternoon, at 3.30pm, another stop in Catanzaro, this time at the Magna Graecia University, for an initiative with Professor Antonio Viscomi, full professor of Labor Law, and the students.

On Saturday 13 April at 9.30 am the caravan tour arrives in Vibo Valentia in Corso Vittorio Emanuele for an initiative that will involve citizens and students “at an open microphone” and will see the interventions of the Five Star MP Riccardo Tucci and the regional councilors Antonio Lo Schiavo and Raffaele Mammoliti, as well as the former parliamentarian and former mayor of Rosarno and writer Peppino Lavorato. At 3.30pm the FLC vehicle will arrive on Corso Nicotera in Lamezia Terme where, in addition to involving citizens and students “at an open microphone”, it will meet the founder of the Southern Project Community Don Giacomo Panizza and the founder of the Committee Defending the Constitution Mario De Grazia.

Sunday 14 April from 10am to 1pm stop at the Maida Shopping Center, Lamezia Terme with flyer distribution and awareness raising. At 6pm the tour will arrive in Siderno on the Lungomare delle Palme to meet school managers, citizens, the mayor of Siderno Maria Teresa Fragomeni, the mayor of Bovalino Vincenzo Maesano and the vice mayor of Gioiosa Ionica Salvatore Fuda.

On Monday 15 April the caravan of rights will depart from Palmi where from 10am it will be in Piazza Primo Maggio to meet the mayor of Palmi Giuseppe Ranuccio and that of Gioia Tauro Aldo Alessio. At 6pm I arrive in Cinquefrondi in Piazza della Repubblica for a meeting with the mayor of the city Michele Conia and that of Polistena Michele Tripodi.

Tuesday 16 April last Calabrian stop at the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria for the initiative “National education system and opportunities in the territory. Turbo university autonomy and the professional technological supply chain as differentiated bottom-up autonomy” which will take place from 9am to 5pm and will see speeches by the CGIL national secretary Christian Ferrari, the FLC CGIL national secretaries Pina Di Lullo and Graziamaria Pistorino, the FLC CGIL general secretary Calabria Mimmo Denaro, the professor of Anthropology and intercultural pedagogy of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria Laura Marchetti, the president of Proteo Fare Sapere Calabria Claudia Neri.