Discouragement and anger in Reggio Calabria due to exclusion from Serie B


By John

Discomfort and anger are the feelings experienced in Reggio Calabria after the verdict of the Council of State which rejected Reggina’s appeal, confirming their exclusion from the Serie B championship. No official comment at the moment from the club. But on the other hand it is difficult to identify who should express itself given the corporate situation that has arisen between transfers, real and presumed, repentance and second thoughts. A situation that risks throwing the future of professional football on the banks of the Strait into an abyss, erasing 110 years of history. Reggina 1914 Srl is weighed down by the uncertainty of who owns it, if still in the hands of Felice Saladini, who had sold the company to Emanuele Ilari but with the condition that it was admitted to Serie B, or Ilari himself. Of course, time is running out. Even for a possible registration in the Amateurs or in the Excellence championship, time is running out, with the start of these championships now imminent, and with the team practically to be made. Now it will also be necessary to see whether local institutions will have a role in ferrying the company towards other buyers and if so which one. Or even if the old ownership, the one headed by Felice Saladini, decides to move forward. Certainly, at the moment, those who remained at the Sant’Agata sports center to keep a glimmer of hope alive, starting with the sports director Massimo Taibi with a small group of players, he no longer knows what to do, where to go, what to think.