Economy in Calabria, the meeting of Banca Montepaone on the prospects of the territory in Soverato


By John

Tomorrow, Sunday 5 May 2024, the Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Banca Montepaone will take place at the Park Hotel Mirabeau, an Ionian pearl between Catanzaro and Soverato. The annual appointment – followed by Francesca Mazza's provider
It will be a moment of sharing and conviviality dedicated to Members who will be able to appreciate the initiatives and works carried out by the Bank in the last five years, from the Solidarity Clinic created in Montepaone Lido, to the birth of the Banca Montepaone ETS Foundation, from the creation of the Catanzaro Lido branch , to the installation of advanced ATMs located in the municipalities of Palermiti, San Sostene, Badolato Marina, Girifalco, Gasperina, Montepaone and Badolato Superiore, as means of connection with the neighboring territories. Also significant is the creation of the prestigious Catanzaro branch, operational since March 2023 in the central Piazza Matteotti, in the regional capital.
During the Assembly, the many activities, in the social and cultural sphere, carried out by the Banca Montepaone e Calabria Ionica Foundation, founded in July 2021, will also be exhibited and the innovative “Community Connecting” Project will be presented to the Members, consisting of the creation of workstations digital at the branches of Squillace Lido, Catanzaro Lido, Catanzaro and Soverato. Unique project of its kind, created first by Banca Montepaone and borrowed by other mutual banks operating in Calabria, Campania, Sicily and Puglia.
The Bank, as evidence of the growing attention towards the Territory and the Members, has recently launched the BCC Members Project, a points campaign aimed at strengthening and building loyalty in the relationship with the social base.
On a strictly technical side, the Assembly will be called to approve, among other things, the 2023 budget, which expresses values ​​that are now consolidated and of certain interest, within the Banking Group to which it belongs.