Economy in Cosenza, ANCE’s fears for the decline in investments


By John

Bruzi builders are worried. During the ANCE national assembly held in Rome in recent days, it emerged that investments in 2024 will close with a decline of 7.4% compared to last year.
«The loss of certainties – comments vice-president Ance Giovan Battista Perciaccante who is also president of Confindustria Cosenza – is causing a climate of concern that undermines the confidence of entrepreneurs.” The uncertainties concern the superbonus, where 7 million jobs are at risk, the payment and safety at work alarm, the home-saving decree and the lack of competition in the public works market. «To overcome these uncertainties» underlines Perciaccante «we must plan in time and build a project for tomorrow’s growth which will have to deal with mobility, connection, sustainability, inclusion and personal services and which, at the same time, starts from a vision for our cities which concerns the energy efficiency and safety of buildings, for the organization of the territory, for an increasingly efficient network of material and immaterial infrastructures”.
The president of Ance Cosenza, Joseph Galianoinstead shows concern regarding infrastructure and reflects on the fact that distances between places of life and work are increasingly measured in travel times.