Elections in Corigliano Rossano, the municipal councilors of Action desert the electoral lists


By John

We work and fight tirelessly in political movements and parties to contact people, more or less well-known, to propose candidacy on one of the many lists that will be presented in the administrative electoral competition in June.
It turns out, according to rumors from political circles, that there are parties and movements that are struggling, especially after internal defections, to compose a list that has a good chance of bringing their own representatives to the council, and other political formations that due to opposing needs have to a selection among the many names, many of which are proposed, in compiling the list to be included in the electoral list.
Among the first, again according to reliable rumors, is the Action party, in whose list almost none of the six city councilors appear, while, on the contrary, in the list of Civico e Popolare, according to what was reported by the coordinator Alessandra Capalbo, there would be an excess of candidates, also considering that a dialogue is underway with Italia viva and other movements and parties of different political colours. In other ways, FdI also appears to have an overabundance of candidates to the point that the leadership is preparing another list, in addition to the official one of the party.
Regarding Action, after the party's commissionership, decided by Calenda and entrusted to the regional councilor Giuseppe Graziano and after the setting aside of its candidate for mayor, the councilor Mattia Salimbeni, there was an explosive effect that led to a clear distancing from the party itself. If what emerges from political circles is true, according to which, as mentioned, only one of the six councilors could appear on the list, the potentially enormous expectations would seem clouded even more. In addition to Mattia Salimbeni's long-standing choice not to run for the next council, the city councilors have given a lump sum, Francesco Madeo And Gennaro Scorza who, while remaining critical of Action, for different reasons look towards the coalition that supports Stasi.
And neither the CCI municipal councilor nor provincial councilor is running with Calenda's party Adele Olivo who decided to compete on the Fdi list. Furthermore, even if the two councilors from Co-Ro-Domani, as it seems, disengage from the formation of the list, the possible candidacy of only the group leader would remain, Vincenzo Scarcello.