Elections in Vibo, Muzzopappa excluded from a conference: “The Institute of Criminology in the name of clientelism and discrimination”


By John

“There are no words in seeing that the Institute of Criminology of Vibo is nothing but a politicized place in which the common denominator is not only discrimination but also the privileging of political exponents who play a role within it. If it isn't cronyism, and of the worst kind, this…Perhaps there is actually a term to judge the poster of an event organized by this organization in collaboration with trade unions in the safety sector and scheduled for next April 19th: shameful”.

This is what the lawyer Francesco Muzzoppappa, candidate for mayor of the Center area in the next administrative elections of Vibo Valentia on 8 and 9 June, writes in a note.

“There discrimination to which I refer was artfully and knowingly implemented against a political group, the one that I have the honor of leading, competing for the municipal elections of the city of Vibo, which, unlike the others, has the greatest chance of winning, among other things already in the first round. Contrary to the mayoral candidates and exponents of the centre-right and centre-left present on the poster, neither the undersigned, as candidate for mayor of Vibo, nor any of the representatives of the center coalition, is among the speakers and this, in itself, represents a very serious fact which undermines the law on equal conditions which the Institute proves not to know or, worse, to deliberately violate. It would be interesting to know what the Minister of Education Valditara might think of all this and whether he does not consider intervening by asking for the resignation with immediate effect of the rector of the Institute of Criminology who, frankly, is struggling quite a bit to define Magnifico who, to set a tone of credibility and depth at the event, deceived the trade union organisations, who are the unwitting victims of this clientelistic system, behind the false promise of addressing the safety problem. This is why I will ask for the minister's intervention through the Calabrian delegation of our political area which also includes an inspection at the Institute which enjoys the favor of having the premises free of charge from the Municipality. A privilege that will disappear in the event of my election as mayor because it is right that there are no children or stepchildren. Secondly, curiously, among the figures called to intervene there are two who serve within this university reality, the first as a teacher, the second as a communications officer, who are none other than a municipal councilor of minority of the Municipality of Vibo, which not only boasts of party symbols which it does not have, but which has demonstrated that it does not recognize the term coherence, and the provincial coordinator of a party which in Vibo Valentia, as I am told, is not even capable of close the electoral list. I remind myself – concludes Muzzopappa – that just a few days ago I had denounced a series of unclear maneuvers which tended to damage the center pole and which, upon closer inspection, continue to be implemented by those little hands hidden behind the scenes who they think they are weakening us but instead they not only demonstrate all their clumsiness but will end up having the exact opposite effect because the people of Vibo have understood for some time, and now even more so those who fish in troubled waters and those who instead, us, put inspired principles on the table to transparency and legality. Principles that will lead the centrist pole to victory and them to ruinous defeat”.