Stoltenberg: NATO will give air defense systems to Ukraine. Italy towards a new decree for military aid to Kiev


By John

«NATO has mapped the capabilities of the allies, there are systems that can be given to Ukraine, I expect new announcements soon: in addition to the Patriots there are other systems that can be supplied such as the Samp-T». NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this after the NATO-Ukraine council. «I welcome – he added – Germany's efforts, including the recent decision to provide an additional Patriot system to Ukraine. And many others, who do not have available systems, have pledged financial support to purchase them for Ukraine. We are also working with industry to increase production and refurbish systems to make them operational and fit for purpose.”

Zelensky: We need at least 7 more Patriot systems

“We need at least seven more Patriot or similar air defense systems – and it is a minimum number,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said while speaking at the NATO-Ukraine Council.

Italy towards a new decree for military aid to Ukraine

Italy is considering further military aid to be provided to Ukraine as soon as possible. On the table – we learn – is the possibility of a new decree for the shipment of armaments. It would be the ninth, after the last one last December. The Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, participated today in the NATO-Ukraine Council in which it was agreed on the need for a further effort to support Kiev. Air defense systems at the top of pressing demands. Italy has its Samp-ts, but must deal with the need not to leave its national defense exposed, with the G7 underway and the Jubilee approaching. Crosetto himself has repeatedly underlined that almost everything that could be given was given; However, a reflection is underway to evaluate the new weapons that could be sent to Kiev.