Elections in Vibo, the center-left at the crossroads: the coalition cannot reach an agreement


By John

These are days of apparent calm on the centre-left front. The table for the next local elections is temporarily frozen and some claim that it has definitively fallen through. But the bridge workers are working to try to get it back on its feet. In essence, there are two issues unresolved by the main political forces, in conflict with each other: the first is linked to need to choose the appropriate figure through a participatory method.
For the Democratic Party, obviously, the only viable path would be that of the primaries. Method strongly opposed by the Five Star Movement which instead would favor the definition of the candidate through an autonomous discussion at the table. In the second instance, even if it were possible to renounce the primaries, delegating the choice to the table, someone – the democrats themselves – would demand that that table be enlarged, in order to avoid excluding from the decision forces that fully fall within the centre-left, from the Italian Left -Greens up to the communist Refoundation itself, passing through the socialists.
There would then be a further need, that of ensuring that the chosen candidate, at the end of the debate, is an expression of the entire coalition, to avoid possible advances of primogeniture. Perhaps, not necessarily a party candidate, but a representative of civil society or even of civic lists or groups, on whom the parties would converge at a later stage.