Elections in Vibo, the center-right dreams of the first round. Left and Third Pole hold their ground


By John

Excited weeks on all fronts, hunting for the best possible candidates, those who in the world of football would be defined as the top players. The administrative elections agitate the main parties in the city quite a bit, in search of those useful pieces to complete a puzzle that is not at all simple, in a context that is decidedly more complex than in the last two rounds.

Let it be clear, there are three candidates for mayor, to whom a fourth could soon be added, that of the far left. The centre-right, centre-left and third party continue to scour the territory, in what could be defined as an unprecedented purchasing campaign. Undoubtedly, the lion's share will be given, as has happened for almost a decade, in the city by Forza Italia, the governor's party Roberto Occhiutoof the president of the House Budget Committee Giuseppe Mangialavoriof the sub-commissioner for purification Tonino Daffinà, of the group leader in the Regional Council Michele Comitoof the regional councilor for productive activities Rosario Vari, of the president of the Serre Park, Alfonso Grilloformer regional councilor.