Kicks MMA ring girl in the back, fighter Ali Heibati banned for life


By John

During a tournament MMA in Moscow, the Iranian wrestler Ali Heibati he engaged in inappropriate behavior which led to his lifetime ban from the tournament Hard Fighting Championship. The episode is reported by The Sun.

Shortly before the start of the match against Arkady Osipyan, Heibati inexplicably kicked a player in the back ring girl named Maria as she came out of the cage. After being reprimanded by the referee, the fight began and Osipyan quickly defeated the clearly agitated Heibati with a series of strikes.

Despite the defeat, Heibati attacked Osipyan with unfair blows before being stopped. After the match, he attempted to publicly apologize to Maria via i social media, admitting that he had not acted correctly due to pre-fight tension. Despite the apology, Heibati's behavior during the event earned him a permanent disqualification from the tournament. It was Heibati's first professional MMA fight.