Elections in Vibo, the mayor Limardo wants to do an encore: «10 years are needed for a budget»


By John

«I will run for city leadership again. I thought, in this sense, I had already been clear. On the other hand, in 2019, when I took office, I explained that ten years are needed to be able to take stock and take stock of my work and the work of this team of administrators”. Maria Limardo – contacted by Southern Gazette – bursts like a cyclone into the pre-election debate and clarifies without any ifs or buts, should there be any further need, what his intentions are.
Ergo, anyone who even for just a moment has tried to question his re-nomination which, inevitably, due to the disagreements with Città Futura, Azione, UDC and Noi con l’Italia, will make the unity of the centre-right almost impossible, can also put your soul at peace. The mayor is more than certain of her immediate future and has no desire to step aside as happened to her two predecessors, Nicola D’Agostino and Elio Costaalso an expression of the centre-right.