The Italian Roberta Cortesi disappeared for 11 days in Malaga: every lead is open


By John

TO Osio Sottoin the province of Bergamothere is growing apprehension for the fate of Roberta Cortesi, a 36-year-old waitress who disappeared last November 25th. Roberta’s last message was sent to her mother, when she was in Rum raisinin Spain. The family filed a complaint with carabinieri of Osio Sotto and the case has also attracted the attention ofInterpol. Roberta has lived in Spain for two years, but her returns to Bergamo have been frequent.

On November 25, Roberta showed up regularly for work at a restaurant in Malaga, but didn’t show up the next day. A woman, who passed herself off as Roberta, contacted the restaurant owner two days later, stating that she would no longer show up and that she had lost her phone. The call came from another restaurant 11 kilometers away, whose managers denied knowing anything.

Roberta’s family fear that something serious has happened to her and have urged her Spanish police to conduct more in-depth investigations, including on a friend the woman had been seeing for some time.

The investigation into the disappearance of Roberta Cortesi is underway by the Spanish National Police, but sources close to the investigators did not provide further details. Hypotheses about his disappearance are shrouded in caution, with no confirmation of suspicions or theories. Described as a 5ft 11in female with short, straight black hair and brown eyesRoberta has been missing since November 25th.

On the case, theItalian Embassy in Madrid follows developments in close collaboration with the Farnesina, maintaining constant contact with local authorities and facilitating collaboration between the Italian and Spanish police forces. L’family lawyer, Luca Gambirasio, expressed his belief that a serious event had occurred and confirmed the involvement of Interpol. Also the Honorary Consul in Malaga is maintaining contact with Roberta’s sister, raising awareness of the local police authorities.

Roberta moved to Malaga for work two years ago.