Electrification of the Sibari-Catanzaro Lido railway line, Oliverio: everything has stopped since January 2020


By John

«In recent years I have imposed silence on myself, considering it inappropriate for a matter of style to express judgments on the activities of those who took over the leadership of the Region after me. Faced with the reversal of the truth and colossal hoaxes by exponents of the center right in the institutions, remaining silent would be guilty. Faced with the imperceptible voice of the opposition, it is paradoxical that I should be the one having to defend the PD from unfounded and exploitative attacks.” Thus begins, in a note, the former president of the Calabria Region, Mario Oliverio.
«It is good to remember that the electrification works of the Sibari-Catanzaro Lido railway line, according to what was established in the Framework Agreement signed in June 2018 between the Calabria Region and RFI, began on 1 August 2018 and should have ended in December 2022. During 2017 and 2018, steps had already been taken, again for the same section, to the modernization of the railway infrastructure (track, sleepers, various structures, etc.) and to a precise program for the abolition of level crossings with the construction of underpasses and the redevelopment of the stations. All agreed with the individual municipalities involved. In December 2019, all the poles necessary for laying the cable for the electricity line had already been positioned. Since January 2020 everything has stopped. Perhaps forgotten. The populations and local administrators who live in the Ionian area know this well.”
Finally, according to Oliverio, «it is significant that some representatives of the center right are only concerned with claiming the merits of others and not with intervening to remove obstacles and inertia that have been preventing the completion of those works for four years. Even more serious is to flaunt from the rooftops as a success the conclusion of the electrification works now postponed to 2026, i.e. four years after what was agreed with the Region in 2018 and reported in black and white”.