Emma Mazzenga, 90 years of pure energy: sets the new world record in the 200 meters W90


By John

On a day that will go down in the history of athletics, Emma Mazzenga, born on August 1, 1933, proved that age is just a number. With an incredible time of 54.47 seconds in the 200 meters, she set the new world record in the W90 categorysurpassing the now historic record held by the Canadian Olga Kotelko.

The goal achieved by Mazzenga is all the more surprising considering that only four months ago, the nonagenarian athlete had to deal with a forced break due to a fracture. However, her determination and resilience prevailed, allowing her to return to the track stronger than ever.

The race, which took place in the evocative setting of the Padua stadium, saw Mazzenga running with a determination and energy that left the public and experts speechless. His time demolished Kotelko’s previous record, which had stood for 13 years, clocking 1:00.72.

Emma Mazzenga’s performance is a clear message for the world of sport: athletics has no age limits. His feat was celebrated by the Italian Athletics Federation, which proudly shared the news on its social channels.

Mazzenga’s story is one that transcends the boundaries of sport, becoming a source of inspiration for people of all ages. His success demonstrates how dedication, passion and commitment can lead to exceptional results, no matter what obstacles life may present.