Encore high school diploma completed at Spadafora high school. The liberation of the students: “Let’s move forward with our heads held high” VIDEO


By John

The exams for the students of the Linguistic VA of “Galilei” in Spadafora have just ended. The reaction of the 10 students was liberating. The lawyers were also present with them Caterina Galletta and Andrea Fiore. The results should be out as early as late morning or early afternoon. The Commission met after the last exam.

The lawyer Maria Chiara Isgrò speaks, lawyer for the family of the student who presented the complaint

“Satisfaction is expressed for the positive conclusion of the examination session – he has just reported -. We thank the provincial school director Stello Vadalà and the entire school institution, including the examination commission appointed for the professionalism and participation, including human , demonstrated in such a complex matter to manage. For the entire period the family of my young client – adds Isgrò – intended to keep a confidential profile, as they were ordinary people who do not like protagonism, even in the face of inappropriate summary judgments and obvious inaccuracies also widely disseminated in the media by interested parties. It was not our intention to issue further statements on the merits of the matter, also to protect the privacy of the interested parties, believing that it would have been enough to read the facts described in the TAR ruling, a ruling which the appellants did not have appealed not even for the purposes of suspension. As is well known, the ministerial inspection commission acquired irrefutable written evidence, as well as the confessions of the direct protagonists, proving serious regulatory violations: following this the oral test could only be cancelled. There is little to add on this point. To clear the field of any inference – adds the lawyer – it seems appropriate to clarify once and for all that the complaint to the school (not judicial) was presented by the girl for the following reason: for the oral exam it had been illegitimately agreed with the internal commissioner that the students would have known the exam starting topics days in advance and, instead, it happened that only my assisted student was asked by the commission for an exam starting topic different from what was agreed with the internal commissioner himself; it is understandable that the unexpected surprise caused the young woman’s disorientation, which generated a prolonged emotional crisis, compromising the performance of the oral test, with consequent seriously insufficient evaluation and inevitable impact on the final grade that had been attributed to her”.