Energy, how to defend yourself from unfair practices after the end of the protected market


By John

With the end of the protected market, the risk of unfair practices, aggressive behavior or outright scams to the detriment of users in the door-to-door sales sector of electricity and gas supply contracts and in the teleselling sector increases. This is stated by the association of utility managers, Axiumwhich provides guidance on how to protect yourself from scams and fraud.

Door to Door Sales

  1. Make the appointment yourself: take the initiative to make an appointment only with Assium certified sellers in accordance with the UNI standard.
  2. Be wary of meter readings: do not allow access to anyone who claims to have their meter read (or even changed) without a pre-arranged appointment.
  3. Verify your identity: Always ask for the seller’s full name and serial number, and check with the company they are from.
  4. Request an identity document.
  5. Ask for the contract to be viewed: do not sign anything on the spot and ask for a copy of the contract to read carefully.
  6. Verify seller certification.
  7. Report suspicious behavior.


  1. Verify the identity of the person calling you: Ask for the seller’s full name, company they work for, and serial number. Contact the company directly to verify this information.
  2. Request information in writing: ask that all offers and contract details be sent by email or post and read them carefully upon receipt. Avoid accepting offers exclusively by telephone.
  3. Do not provide sensitive personal data: Do not provide your meter number (POD and PDR), bank details or other personal information during the call.
  4. Don’t give in to the pressure: Scammers often use pressure tactics to get you to make quick decisions.
  5. Keep calm and take notes: if the operator speaks very quickly, kindly ask him to slow down.
  6. Check the Register of Oppositions: register with the Opt-out Register to limit commercial calls.
  7. Block suspicious numbers.
  8. Report suspicious behavior to the competent authorities, such as the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), the Postal Police and the Privacy Guarantor.
  9. Beware of OTP codes: if during a call you are activated by a confirmation code via SMS or email, do not give it to the telephone operator, as it will be used to confirm the activation of the contract.