“Epilogue”: an exhibition on Pasolini curated by Silvia Lotti in Santo Stefano di Camastra


By John

“Epilogue”, the exhibition of paintings and drawings dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini and curated by the Ligurian artist Silvia Lotti, is ongoing until May 12th inside the Ballroom of Palazzo Trabia in Santo Stefano di Camastra.

There is no prologue and there is no epilogue in the horizon of Pasolini's last work, because this is how reality is, an unstoppable flow, which makes the creation of closed works useless, presenting in their place works that will never be made or which is it's nice just to dream. In Silvia Lotti's project dedicated to Pasolini there is a bit of this vertigo between the desire to represent, the will to tell and the impossibility of finding an end and completeness within the frame of the work.

Silvia Lotti, in addition to being a painter, is also a writer, she took care of the inclusion of texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini for some of the directions of Silvio Benedetto's “Teatro nelle Apartments”. Recently, she created a sequence of drawings on Pasolini which finally led her to the diptych «Epilogo», the latter unpublished works, on which Stefano Casi, artistic director of “Teatri di Vita” in Bologna and passionate specialist of this genre, wrote. important literary figure of the Italian twentieth century. An ideal diary that unfolds between intuitions and regrets brings to the fore the artist's responsibility, the absolute pivot of the work, but at the same time presents itself as a testimony of fragility, which the artist shares with those who observe and read.

An extraordinary unique sense of fierce individualism and at the same time of sense of community, which characterized many pages and many visions of Pasolini's last works and which Lotti takes on in the exposed fragility of a moving dedication, but also with the strength of an artist who tries to recreate, over 40 years after the death of the great intellectual, a very personal bridge with that reality which has always been the obsession of the poet and the painter.