Estimated budget in Cosenza: there is the green light from the Ministry


By John

Once the political convulsions of recent weeks have passed, culminating in the surprise resignation of the councilor Francesco Giordano, Palazzo dei Bruzi hopes to be able to adopt its new financial identity soon with the approval of the budget which will arrive, however, by the end of the month. First we will have to receive the official opinion of Cosfel (which is the Commission for the financial stability of local authorities). Formally, the green light has already been given on Monday afternoon during the meeting in the ministry for the reading of the papers sent by Mayor Franz Caruso.
Now, we are awaiting the communication from the Interior Ministry which will probably arrive in the next few hours. But it is probable that the president of the city council, Giuseppe Mazzuca, can convene the Chamber for the approval of the document as early as next week. In the meantime, the mayor, who has the responsibility for the budget after the farewell of the owner, will bring together the municipal managers to update the document with ministerial news.
Under the guise of accounting formalism, the gaps in waste that have paved the way towards bankruptcy in recent years will have to be closed. The objective of the Municipality, with the request to join the recovery plan, is precisely to give continuity to the essential services which, after the rejection of the financial rebalancing plan by the Court of Auditors, it could not have ensured.