European Championships, Captain Ultimo arrives in Messina and visits Rione Taormina and Fondo Fucile: “Let's marginalize the mafias”


By John

The symbol of the mafia fight Captain Ultimo arrives in Messinaalongside the Honourable Ismaele La Vardera and the mayor Federico Basile, to visit Rione Taormina and Fondo Fucile, the areas most affected by the rehabilitation. Candidate for the European Championships in the Southern constituency with “Libertà”, Captain Ultimo, registered Sergio DeCaprio, recently revealed his face: «I am here to serve my people with love, to make everyone understand what priorities we should dedicate ourselves to. I decided to get into politics with Cateno De Luca because I have seen in this group real people who love their territory in a morbid way and I know that they will not abandon it. I would like to tell everyone, from Sicily, to enter the final battle against the mafia, because we no longer want these people in our society: they will have to become social outcasts, they will no longer have access to work or politics.”