Reggio, increase in parking costs on the seafront: Falcomatà blocks the project


By John

Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà backtracks on the increase in hourly rates for paid parking on the seafront. The disputed decision of the municipal administration is therefore suspended, at least for the moment. This was communicated by the mayor himself who, in a note issued yesterday, explained the reason for the postponement.
«We have asked Atam to temporarily suspend the remodulation of the hourly rates for parking on the Falcomatà seafront – explains the tenant of Palazzo San Giorgio in the press release – . As I have had the opportunity to announce in recent days, a fruitful dialogue is underway with the trade associations on this reorganization and on other aspects linked to the organization of tourist accommodation during the summer period”. On the “profitable dialogue” with the trade associations, however, the mayor did not go into the merits, nor did he explain the reason why the decision which had been adopted about a month ago was suspended. The new rates for paid parking, we remember, should have come into force yesterday. And on the same day, the municipal administration decided to postpone it “indefinitely”.