European elections, Timbro on the attack: “The PD's consensus is growing, stop the propaganda. De Luca is collapsing”


By John

“The recent data from the European elections finally outlines a new structure of the political balance in the city. The Democratic Party is recording a significant increase in consensus which gives us hope and must be translated into a renewed responsibility of the party, which must be even more present among the people – in the center but also in the suburbs – committing itself to representing their needs and expectations”. This is how he commented on the results of the recent ones European elections for which the Honorable Member was a candidate Maria Flavia Stamp. “The response of the polls, upon a more careful reading, says that it is no longer the time for political illusionists and screamers and that the PD is called to take on a strong, serious, identity-based role in opposition to the local administration, positioning itself as the “the only possible alternative”, continues Timbro, assuming with the people of Messina “a serious political commitment that is not propaganda”.

For the lawyer, the irrefutable data of the European elections highlights “the collapse of consensus towards the mayor of Taormina Cateno De Luca, which – net of his personal affirmation – goes from the 24% achieved in the 2022 regional elections to 7% in these latest European elections, suffering a real halt on a regional basis and proving non-existent on a national basis”. “Despite the powerful electoral war machinebuilt in the last years of the administration and despite its still impressive electoral presence in the Ionian area of ​​Messina, De Luca suffers a heavy downsizing from his own electorate, probably tired of methods and tones that contribute to distancing citizens from voting”.

“Faced with a city threatened by the shadow of the construction of Bridge, exhausted by the rationing of public water, the answer can only be a sober, serious and attentive policy, which is capable of giving concrete answers to the population. This is the role that belongs to today Democratic party“, concludes the Honorable Timbro, who already during the election campaign had spoken of a “challenge of conscience, which must absolutely make people feel the democratic spirit and the desire to actively participate in the life of this land of ours, be it the SicilyL'ItalyL'Europe”.

South's reply calls North

“The analysis of the European vote provided by the PD candidate Timbro is illogical – the Provincial coordinator of South calls North declares it Melangela Scolaro replying to Timbro – not taking into account either the objective numerical data or the totally different nature of the two electoral competitions, i.e. the regional one and the European one. The objective and numerical data, in fact, tell us that Cateno De Luca's list, despite the total blackout in the media, the nagging media bombardment exclusively concentrated on Meloni, Tajani, Salvini, Schlein, Conte, Renzi and Calenda is the first party of the Province of Messina with 21.71% of the votes, while the PD is the fourth party in the Province, with 12.16%.

Despite the indisputable advantage deriving from the media coverage that the PD enjoyed, unlike the Libertà list, this was not sufficient to bridge the clear gap from De Luca nor to demonstrate a significant approval rating of the Province towards the PD. The Democratic Party should rather reflect on the data for the province of Messina, where it evidently has representatives who have lowered voter approval. We also want to underline another fact. Cateno De Luca beat Elly Schlein in Sicily, also in terms of approval he is certainly the leader who had more votes than all the others in relation to the list votes obtained. The data is particularly solid also because citizens everywhere and with wide margins have promoted South Call North branded administrations. In Messina, for example, Cateno De Luca's list is the most voted with 29.10% compared to 13.76% for the Democratic Party. And being promoted, absolutely, without misunderstandings, with a large margin of difference compared to parties with national projection (and protection) by one's fellow citizens, right there where one puts oneself to the test by administering, is certainly the greatest satisfaction for Cateno De Luca and his team of Mayors and administrators”.