Europeans, Bonelli: “The bridge project dates back 30 years”. Today in Messina there is Matteo Renzi


By John

“We are analyzing a project from thirty-two years ago, it is unacceptable.” Angelo Bonelli, secretary of Green Europe and co-spokesperson of the Green Left Alliance, returns to Messina for an electoral meeting in view of the European elections, in Piazza Cairoli. The central theme is “inevitably” the Bridge over the Strait. «A few weeks ago I asked Minister Salvini in the chamber who was the technical body that validated the bridge project, that is, who ultimately said that the project was technically fine. It cannot be the private company that does it, it cannot be the Strait of Messina company, there must be a technical body. The law provides for it to be the Superior Council of Public Works and by law a binding and mandatory opinion is required. The CEO of the Stretto di Messina company replied that it has already been given. I managed to get this opinion which is from 10 October 1997 which gives an opinion on a project presented on 31 December 1992, in short we are talking about a project from 32 years ago, this is unacceptable” said the national deputy.

«Then someone – he continues – attacks me by saying that Bonelli presents too many complaints, I presented the second supplementary complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Rome because I consider it unacceptable that we are analyzing a project from thirty-two years ago».

Together with Bonelli on the stage in Piazza Cairoli also Messina's candidate for the European Championships Giuliana Fiertler and Leoluca Orlando, also a candidate in the European elections. Among the priorities to bring to Europe, Orlando puts the environment first and the no to the Strait Bridge. “The priority of the environment concerns people's lives, climate change is forcing migrants to leave the desertified areas of Africa and drought is also affecting farmers,” he said. «The social issue and the environmental issue – continues Orlando – come together and the Bridge is the emblem of a political culture that creates pharaonic works with a colonial spirit. A pharaonic work is being built that cannot be achieved, which conflicts with all the technical criteria. There are over 200 observations from the technicians appointed by the Ministry itself and most recently the discovery that we are in a seismic zone.”
«Without considering – he concludes – that it is expected to make thousands of families leave their homes, deprived of their homes, affecting that environment which is not only geographical, but also the biodiversity of the Strait for an unfeasible work».

Today in Messina Matteo Renzi

Intense days of electoral campaigning for the European elections, on the banks of the Strait. Today the former prime minister Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, will be in Messina, who will chair a meeting at 6.30 pm in the Ses-Gazzetta del Sud auditorium, together with Messina senator Dafne Musolino. “In the EU to count”: Renzi will delve into the themes of the prospects offered by the “United States of Europe” project.
In Messina and Milazzo the former president of the Chamber, Laura Boldrini, will also support the candidacy of Maria Flavia Timbro from Messina on the PD list. At 3.30 pm, Boldrini will meet the citizens subject to expropriation procedures linked to the construction of the Strait Bridge in via Circuito, in Torre Faro. Tomorrow, however, from south to north, the camper of Cateno De Luca, leader of South calls North and candidate on the “Freedom” list, will cross the entire city, with a long series of meetings.