Extended citizen’s income. Here are the clarifications from INPS


By John

Starting from January 1, 2024, the Citizenship Income will cease to exist and will be replaced by the new Inclusion Allowance. On the subject, INPS message 3510/2023 is interesting, containing the indications relating to the management of suspended Citizenship Income benefits for complete use of the seven months’ salary (as per art. 13, paragraph 5, of the Labor Decree). “In the event that the age requirement matures before the seventh month’s salary – highlights Guido Rosignoli, vice-president of the Cassa dei Accountants and Accounting Experts – is automatically detected and dispensing continues without interruption. Automatic continuation also for the birth of a child or in the presence of a new ascertained disability, provided that the new DSU is presented within the seventh month of receipt of the Income or in the following month”. However, if the requirement accrues after the first month of suspension or the DSU is presented after the suspension, it is necessary to submit a new application and the payment will start from the following month to the date of submission of the application. “In case of loss of the requirement, even if continuation beyond the seven months is envisaged – continues Rosignoli – the family unit will cease to benefit from the benefit within the seventh month or, if exceeded, by the month in which the event occurred” . Finally confirmed until November 2023the hypothesis of resuming the provision of the service in the event that the INPS has been notified, via the GePI platform, by 31 October 2023, of the taking over of the family unit by the social services.