“Facade bonus” for interventions never carried out in Reggino: two suspects and preventive seizure of 1.5 million


By John

The financiers of the provincial command of Reggio Calabria, with the coordination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Locri, directed by Giuseppe Casciaro, are implementing a provision, issued by the GIP of the local Court, which orders the preventive seizure of money, assets and tax credits worth 1.5 million euros.

The operation conducted by the Fiamme Gialle of the Locri Group arose from a tax audit carried out against an economic entity based in Locride. At the state of the investigations and without prejudice to subsequent assessments regarding the effective and definitive ascertainment of responsibility, the illicit proceeds subject to tax recovery are attributable to fictitious tax credits, the result of a fraud system carried out in the context of the so-called “Building Bonuses”.

Specifically, the administrator of the audited company would have fictitiously produced tax credits, relating to the recovery interventions of the building heritage which were never actually carried out, transferring them to the company managed by him. Subsequently, the company would have been sold to another person of Calabrian origin and resident in northern Italy, who would have transferred the aforementioned tax credits to another company in the same geographical area. The latter would then have used them to its advantage to offset its tax debt.

Two people reported for fraud, money laundering and self-laundering

Following in-depth investigations, 2 people were reported for the crimes of fraud, money laundering and self-laundering, consequently carrying out preventive and equivalent seizure, ordered by the Judge of Preliminary Investigations of the Court of Locri, for approximately 1.5 million euros, of which: – 1 million euros of tax credits still lying in the company’s tax drawers; – 500 thousand euros between financial resources, company shares and assets (5 buildings, 5 lands, company shares held in two joint-stock companies and 5 cars) towards the economic subjects and natural persons under investigation.

The activity constitutes clear evidence of the constant commitment made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Locri and the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Reggio Calabria in combating the most complex forms of fraud and illicit phenomena perpetrated to the detriment of the State budget, in order to guarantee the correct destination of the huge public resources allocated to support families and businesses.