Falcomatà case in Reggio, Muraca: Minasi is paradoxical. She is the one who should resign


By John

«In recent days we are witnessing a serious attempt to divert attention from the real crime perpetrated by a certain policy against the South. I believe that Senator Minasi should give an account of this to public opinion. Instead of asking for the resignation of Mayor Falcomatà, a respectable person who does not need any official defence, he should simply go and hide with his head in the sand for the shameful position taken, together with the other parliamentarians from the South, who in the Chamber approved the law on differentiated autonomy wanted by Calderoli, Salvini and their acolytes, which brings the hopes of the entire South to their knees once and for all. A high betrayal towards our territory and its entire community, a shame that will forever remain an indelible shame for those who, elected in the South, elected in Calabria, destroyed the future of this land and in particular of our young people with a halter law that benefits the richest territories, disintegrates the sense of national unity and horizontal subsidiarity between the areas of our country”.
This is what the regional councilor of the Democratic Party says Giovanni Muracacommenting on the statements released in the press by the Northern League parliamentarian Tilde Minasi. «What is happening these days is truly absurd – highlights Muraca -. Characters who in the past have brought our city to its knees, and who continue to do so as in the case of the Northern League member Minasi, whose party is the main sponsor of differentiated autonomy, risk making unlikely requests for the resignation of the mayor of Reggio Calabria, who, it is also useful to remember for those reading, is exclusively investigated in an investigation which, according to the words written in black and white by the investigating judge himself, does not establish any point of tangency between his person and the gang under investigation, and which sees secondary involvement is a regional councilor of the Brothers of Italy, who I hope will be able to demonstrate his full innocence, and a municipal councilor of the Democratic Party, the group leader Giuseppe Seraknown by all as a respectable person, always involved in social issues as well as in politics, who I am sure will be able to demonstrate his absolute non-involvement in the disputed facts”.