Kiev accuses: “Russians beheaded a Ukrainian soldier”


By John

«New terrible evidence of Russia’s criminal policy, aimed at the destruction of Ukrainians. We have received information that Russian commanders gave orders not to capture the Ukrainian soldiers, but to kill them with inhuman cruelty, by beheading. The beheading of a Ukrainian defender was recorded in the Donetsk region.” Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin reports it on X. “This is terrible barbarism that has no place in the 21st century and another proof that the war crimes committed by the aggressor are not isolated incidents, but a planned strategy of the Russian regime.”

According to a statement from the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, the order to behead the Kiev soldiers was given by “the heads of one of the divisions of the occupation forces of the Russian Federation in the Volnova district of the Donetsk region”. According to the prosecutor’s office, during aerial reconnaissance in one of the combat positions in the Donetsk region the Ukrainian army discovered a damaged armored vehicle of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. On it, there was the severed head of a Ukrainian soldier.

Prosecutor Kostin published the censored image depicting the Ukrainian vehicle with its severed head on the hood. “These criminal orders were given at the level of the battalion and company leadership of the occupying troops,” he stressed in his message. «We will not let these crimes go unpunished. I call on the entire civilized world to isolate and punish the terrorist country.” Reporting the news, the RBC-Ukraine portal recalls that a few weeks ago Kostin reported that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies were investigating 61 executions of Ukrainian prisoners of war committed by the Russians.