Fatal impact on the ring road in Novara, Vibo mourns the 38 year old Alessandro Occhiato. He was the father of two children


By John

The 38-year-old Alessandro Occhiato who lost his life in a tragic road accident is originally from Vibo last Saturday on the Novara ring road, at the Trecate exit. The traffic police are trying to reconstruct the events, but from the first investigations it seems that Occhiato, a father of two children, lost control of his car, perhaps due to the heavy rains that hit Lombardy: he was driving along the ring road of Novara, when he arrived at the exit for Trecate, for reasons still unknown, he lost control of the vehicle, which overturned. Emergency services, including an ambulance, a fire engine and the fire brigade, intervened promptly at the scene of the accident. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, there was nothing left for the 38-year-old to do. Alessandro Occhiato died immediately following the impact.